Videos: The New Face of Educational and Promotional Marketing

In a world where about 70% of an average person’s time is spent on screens watching videos, businesses big and small have begun to incorporate videos into their marketing campaigns. Through a cleverly made, succinct, and attention-grabbing video, you can keep viewers invested in your message, product, and/or service. A well-made video is a versatile and useful tool in the hands any business and nothing sells better than a video that has a story to tell.

336 Productions is a video production company located in Orange County, with operations in San Diego and LA that has years of experience in the corporate video industry. We have a team of talented and experienced videographers and editors who are deftly skilled in their respective fields. The team has produced many outstanding videos for businesses, institutions, and government agencies. We specialize in producing engaging educational videos, promotional videos for brands, and providing video marketing solutions. We produce video for a variety of purposes: to sell, to teach, to train, to inspire, and to engage.

Video Production as a B2B Strategy

At 336 Productions, we focus on the careful construction of the video: we keep it relevant, informative, interesting, and engaging. These are the critical ingredients that go into the making of all of our videos. We also focus on understanding the audience behavior and needs and working out what would work best with the niche that’s being targeted. The ultimate goal is to produce a video that is timeless in terms of content and production value, and that contains content that’s useful to viewers, is shareable, and is and mobile-compatible. Ensuring that the video is shareable guarantees that despite the passage of time, the video remains popular with viewers and is usable for a longer period.

336 Productions is a leading, video production company that offers clients the best of visual story-telling and branded content as a tool to use for education, sales, marketing, brand promotion, and more.