Why Both Small And Big Businesses Are Using Corporate Videos in their Marketing Strategy

By April 6, 2015No Comments

We write all the time in our blogs how video is changing the way companies plan their marketing strategies. Statistics show, and consumers know, the power of video.

Large-scale businesses initially spent a great deal of resources on advertising commercials on television, etc. Thanks to the Internet, small businesses are able to take advantage of the power of video, helping to level the playing field.

This medium is not only cost effective in the long run, but businesses can stand out from each other just by dint of a creative concept. Here are a few reasons why most businesses today are using corporate videos in their marketing strategies.

Broader Audience

Reaching the target audience is the primary priority in marketing strategies. Corporate videos provide business owners a chance to reach target audiences on a broader scale. Social media today is considered more powerful in comparison to mainstream media, and this fact allows businesses to share their marketing videos to people all over the world in an easy and cost effective manner.

Stronger Grip

According to Forrester research, only 20% of people will read the content on the website, whereas almost 80% will watch a video. Videos generate a better level of association with the brand in question. If you run a complex and multifaceted business like law, this medium can be used effectively to explain your business to target audiences. The outcome is better brand awareness and ultimately, chances are that a greater ratio of viewers will convert into customers.

Better Planning

Effective forecasting and planning is the one of the most important things to keep in mind. With video, you have the chance to analyze the number of views, shares, etc. This information can help you pinpoint the region where your product or service is most popular in, allowing you to develop and plan for future marketing strategies in an efficient manner.

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