According to Smart Insights, 53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video, and Social Media Examiner says that tweets with video get around ten times more engagement than ones without. What more could a business owner wish for?

But what kind of videos should you create?  

We’re glad you asked!

Contrary to popular opinion, video marketing isn’t limited to promotional videos. It is an entire world of endless possibilities. The purpose of video marketing, as opposed to what most people believe, isn’t promotion— it also is, but that’s not the focal point.

Video marketing helps build rapport and connection. Sort of like bridging a gap between a brand and consumers, establishing alliances, understanding trust, and in a way, also friendship.

Considering this, videos can take various shapes and forms, including series—the best way to maintain a connection.

Here are our top ideas for video series that your business can make today!

Documentary Or Docu-Series

Documentary-style series is one of the most popular trends in the world of video marketing for two reasons: one, they tell a story, and second, they help the audience connect with the business.

One of the best examples of documentary-style videos for a business is the Second Act by MailChimp, where the videos follow people who took up their passion and walked out to follow a new career path.

Product Reviews

This is a common one—although, a very important one.

These videos have been around for quite some time, and are typically centered around a particular product; for example, an unboxing video.

When creating this kind of video, it is important to bring out the unique aspects of the product, in contrast with competing alternatives, to help establish business authority.

Office Culture Vlogs!

These are the most fun kinds of videos to make! They establish a connection and rapport between a business and its consumers.

Who wouldn’t like to support a business that is fun, personally connects with their audience, and one that has a lively office culture!

Video Vlogs—also getting increasingly popular these days—bring out the very human and natural aspect of a business, establishing trust much easier than any other medium.

If you’re thinking of using video to promote your business, we can help! We are a full-service Los-Angeles-based video marketing company. We do corporate and brand video projects. Take a look at all the incredible services, and ask us any questions you have! Reach us here!