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There are many factors that make your business unique. From the passion and values that drive your work to the practices that keep your people safe on the job. Having a positive, healthy company culture is key to attracting and keeping employees and even customers.

From building team morale to attracting new business, corporate culture videos are a great way to establish a cohesive brand identity both within and outside of your organization. Because they offer a peek behind-the-scenes at your business, our corporate videography services provide a unique opportunity to communicate what sets you apart from your competitors.

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Corporate Culture Videography Services by 336 Productions

When you use our first-rate production services, your new corporate culture video can assert your brand identity, inspire confidence, build loyalty, and unite individuals behind your company’s vision.

With a fast turnaround time and an experienced team of hands-on, collaborative video production professionals, our goal at 336 Productions is to help you express what makes your company special, and illustrate why potential employees, partners, and customers should choose to do business with you. Our branded culture videos use creative storytelling and cinematic techniques to show off your brand in the best possible light.

Our corporate culture videography services help to answer the following questions:

  • What values define your company?
  • What goals do all team members work towards?
  • What is it like working for your business?
  • How does your business give back to the community?
  • What characteristics do the people at your company share?
  • What are some of the company benefits?
  • What are possible career paths for people just starting out at the company?
  • How do you celebrate and have fun at your company?
  • How do you recognize stand-out employees?
  • What powerful stories can long-term employees share about their experience?
  • What makes your company stand out from competitors?

The Benefits of Corporate Culture Videos

Company culture videos are one of the most powerful recruitment tools that a business can use. In a visually-driven society, seeing real employees in their element or listening to them talk about their work in an authentic way is the next best thing to having recruits onsite. Here are just  a few of the benefits that our corporate culture video services can provide your business:

  • Showcase Company Benefits
  • Motive Your Employees and Instill Pride
  • Humanizes Your Business
  • Improve Team Morale
  • Promote Values and Community Ties
  • Attract Top Talent
  • Improve Employee Engagement
  • Build Brand Reputation
  • Improve Customer Relationships
  • Differentiating From the Competition

Corporate Culture Video Example

336 Productions created this video for Ooma, a publicly traded telecommunications company. We collaborated with Ooma on the script and filmed the video onsite at their office in Silicon Valley. We provide all video production services from start to finish. Not only does Ooma use the video to showcase their culture, they use it as a recruiting tool.

Curious how our corporate culture video services can help you engage potential employees, customers, and investors?  Read our testimonials and browse our portfolio.

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