Green screen technology has been around for decades now and has been used in film and T.V. to create many of the breathtaking effects that we enjoy so much. But you can also use this to create content for your brand.

Some of the best uses of green screens in corporate videos are:

1. Setting the mood and tone

Green screens can be used in the studio or even on-site to create and set the mood you’re going for. The tone of the content and the video can be channeled through the backdrop quite easily, allowing editors to work with what they have. Couldn’t find a location that was both visually appealing and filming friendly? We’ll help create it.

2. In case studies

This is especially helpful when shooting case studies or testimonials. You can’t relocate or move to different locations repeatedly, but it does help to bring all the people you want to feature and record in a single place and change the backdrop to show variation. This helps with product use and application, too, allowing viewers to see the product in action in various settings and locations.

3. When sharing data

When you want to share charts, statistics, information, and figures in the background of your video, or to show multiple images, green screens are the perfect solution. They take away the distraction of having to manage screens, change slides, and data representations by freeing you up and letting you address the audience comfortably. Companies wishing to pitch ideas, share the benefits of their service, or other research and analysis can benefit from this application immensely.

4. Adding effects and features

In general, if you wish to add more depth and variation to your content, playing with special effects, referring to other content or building content that’s humorous and in line with your brand image, ask us how green screens can be incorporated into your business video.

Especially if you’re creating video marketing content for social media platforms like YouTube, where high-quality production is the way forward, it will do you especially well to make use of these screens.

Save on production costs and time through the use of this incredible technology. Our editors will help create realistic and engaging content, backdrops, and data representations for your video content. Get in touch with us for video marketing services in Los Angeles.