Is it viral yet?

And these statistics have only spiked during the global pandemic. Many video streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch have broken viewership records as people gravitate towards video content while self-isolating in their homes.

So, the question remains, what should be the strategy of your video campaign?

Right off the bat, your goal should be to create a video that resonates with the audience through powerful storytelling and convinces them to take action.

Just take the example of how brands like GoPro build an engaged and loyal audience with the authenticity of their videos. GoPro featured a video of a person riding a motorcycle on one of the highest roads in the word with an attached GoPro. The video was shot from the perspective of the motorcyclist. The reason it created a buzz among viewers was because it was so entertaining and engaging that the viewers wanted to be a part of the video.

Inspired from famous video campaigns, we’ve created an all-inclusive checklist for a successful video campaign:

Center your video around the Story

Storytelling is a significant part of delivering a captivating video. It’s about saying to your audience, “We are here because we want to help you. Here’s what we have for you.”

After all, consumers being hate sold to. If the video script overtly advertises your products and services, your viewers are likely to click off within the first few seconds.

So, leverage the emotive power of video to appeal to your audience’s pain points. All they want is to be heard and connect with a brand that resonates with their values. Talk about your brand story and the value you’re providing to your consumers.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Channels

Did you know that social media posts that feature videos rack up 48% more views? In fact, marketers claim that 64% of users are likely to purchase products after watching their videos.

Therefore, utilizing top social platforms from Facebook and Instagram Stories, to Snapchat and YouTube should definitely be a part of your video campaigning strategy.

Engage followers leading up to the video campaign by giving them sneak peeks of what’s to come. Post your videos to your social channels and share and promote them through paid advertising. Place ads on your YouTube videos with Google Adwords to make them profitable.

Moreover, optimize the videos for search rankings through SEO practices to make sure they’re discoverable and rank high in search results.

Don’t Skimp On Video Equipment

Brand owners often overlook the importance of top-quality video gear. Not only does professional audiovisual equipment boost the video experience, but it also allows you to record the video perfectly the first time around rather than modifying it in post-production.

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