These influencers and micro-influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and self-taught skilled professionals have made millions over the span of their careers, and brands across industries have had to keep up with their role in marketing content. 

If you’re looking to appeal to wider audiences and potential customers, especially those from a younger demographic, social media influencers and celebrity endorsements are always a sure shot. This is where PR meets video marketing.

Let’s go over some tips that can help make the process look seamless and get you the result you want:

Target the right influencers

This is a key aspect you need to figure out when working with influencers and social media celebrities. Who are the people you’re targeting? Are they relevant to your industry or your product? Can they provide a favorable and credible review? You wouldn’t call a lifestyle influencer in their early 20s to demonstrate a product intended for arthritis patients in their 60s, would you? Some of the categories (among dozens of others) are mom-bloggers, lifestyle influencers, tech-influencers and reviewers, food bloggers.

Market research –that we can asset with—can help identify focal public personalities that would aid your cause.

Incentivize them and build a rapport

It’s all about the rendezvous when it comes to endorsements. Gone are the days when you could pay anyone to say anything. Audiences are smarter and more critical than they were even a few years ago, with attention to detail and checking the credibility of each review. Assure them your service or product is of the best quality and invite them to try through PR packages, samples, and demos before they commit to being on camera.

Ask them to demonstrate the use of the product

Once they’re on board, getting product demonstrations is a great idea. You can do this with one expert influencer reviewing and demonstrating the use of your product, or you can experiment with the format. Perhaps other influencers can join them, and they can discuss their experience, or play a game, or guess how to correctly use it. Maybe they can focus on the special features of your product, giving viewers a demonstration of that. It’s all about creatively applying what you have to the context.

If you’re looking to work with influencers and create sales videos and other marketing content, reach out to us. Our team will help you strategize and execute your concept seamlessly, helping you get the ROI and conversions you need!