But here’s a curveball: did you put business growth in your New Year’s resolutions? Could 2020 be a turning point for your brainchild? Maybe it’s when you’ll realize the potential of video marketing and take your video game up a few notches.

Here’s a complete guide to creating a foolproof video marketing plan for 2020.

Overview: What Does Your Content Performance Look Like Right Now?

Before you even create a marketing plan, you need to assess where you’re standing right now. If you have analytics set up for your business, generate a detailed report so you can have an overview of your numbers. 

Go over your current content and performance metrics, and figure out what kind of content your audience is most interested in, and what’s not popular.

Making Decisions: What Needs To Change

After you’ve gone through your current data, based on your evaluation, decide what needs to change.

For example, you need to stop focusing on content pieces that show a high bounce rate and create more content that’s engaging, because this can lead to them sticking around long enough to visit other pages on your website.

Evaluate Your Video Marketing Budget

Once you know your focus areas, get a hold of your budget sheet and figure out how much you can afford to spend on video marketing.

Think activities such as video creation, copy-writing, editing, consulting, distribution and tools. According to your budget, come up with a suitable plan to proceed.

Use this data to come up with an effective video marketing plan that is guaranteed to turn things around for your business on the growth front.

All set to creating an absolutely smashing video marketing plan to kill it with your promotions and advertisements on social media? We hope the year comes with many awesome surprises!

However, before we sign off, we’d like to make a suggestion; if you’re serious about going big on video in 2020, it might be worth it to get a professional video production firm on board.

It helps cut down on resources, costs, and workload, making the entire process a lot easier. If you’re looking for a video marketing company in San Diego, feel free to reach out to us.  

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