That’s brilliant—but how do you know how well they’re working in alignment with your goals?

How do you know if they’re bringing in conversions and increasing your ROI? Well that’s where analytics and metrics come in.

Video metrics give business owners and marketers the amazing ability to recognize areas that need improvement. This is only possible when you track views, attention spans, click-through rates and more.

Tracking these metrics indicates if they are helping with conversions, ROI, lead generation, customer retention, and more.

Here are the most useful metrics to track.

Overall View Count

The number of views is the first thing most of us check when a video goes live. And that’s not surprising; the metric tells you how you popular your video is, how well it’s doing, and how relevant it is.

However, it is important to filter the view count by target audience. Let’s explain this with a hypothetical: say you upload a video that goes viral among teenagers when it was aimed at high-caliber businesspeople. It sure did become popular, but it won’t facilitate a lot of conversions because it didn’t capture its target audience!

Attention Span Data

So imagine you have millions of views on your videos; but how do you know how much of your video your viewers actually watched?

Did they watch all 15 minutes? Or did they get bored after the first five?

This is something attention span data can help you with. This metric identifies exactly where a video needs improvement, in turn helping you create better and more useful content for your users.

Total Video Click-Through Rate

When someone from your audience watches your video, do they click through? The total number of people who click through your video on one of your links is called the click-through rate.

The CTR is calculated using the following formula:

Video click-through rate = number of views / number of people who clicked

If you want to increase your video click-through rate, a good tip is to make it the point of focus on your landing page and email campaign.

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