3 Things Professional Video Editors Can Do That Amateur Editors Can’t

By April 26, 2017No Comments

Many people are inspired to become video editors after watching a film that spoke to them.  In fact, that’s how most people get into the business: they saw a film as a child and they become obsessed with filmmaking.  The tools of filmmaking have changed over the years.

Instead of film cameras that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can purchase an HD digital camera that costs hundreds.  Even your iPhone can shoot and edit in HD.  Truly, anyone can become a filmmaker today.  That’s especially true of editing, where top-notch editing software is easy to download online.

But what is the difference between an amateur editor and a professional one?  Because you may be pondering that questions for your corporate video.

Experience and Skills

One thing that distinguishes a professional video editor from an amateur one is the amount of experience they have. Remember that amateur video editors have either just started out, or edit as a hobby or side business.

On the other hand, professional ones have years of daily experience to draw from. They also have certifications, training, and, often, a film school degree.

Throughout the years, they have developed and polished their skills.

They also know the tricks of the trade, having been in the industry for so long. Before they even begin a project, they can visualize the beginning and ending. Many new editors are often stuck because they are unsure where to begin or where to go.

Collaborating With the Rest of the Production Team

Yes, the editor collaborates closely with almost everyone in the production team, but especially with the director and producers.  They have meetings before the edit begins and during to monitor progress and provide feedback.  It’s important that the parties respect each other, understand the goals, and communicate clearly.  When the director and editor don’t see eye to eye, it creates conflict and can negatively affect the outcome of the video.

Since professional editors have experience working on various projects and different types corporate videos, they have lots of experience collaborating with a larger team.

Overuse of Filters and Effects

This is something we’ve all been guilty of, those of us who have played around with editing software. But one of the major differences between a professional and amateur video editor is that new editors often overuse effects.  A professional knows when to use an effect and when to abstain.

With years of experience at hand, professional editors—who have made these mistakes in the beginning—have a keen eye for when an effect is appropriate.

They have developed their skills and polished them over time to know which effects will help or hurt in getting the marketing message across.

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