336 Productions Wins 2017 Telly Award

By June 30, 2017No Comments

We are pleased to announce that 336 Productions has won their 9th Telly Award.  That’s 9 Tellys in 9 years of business. The award was in the category of Commercials / Marketing and the subcategory of Use of Humor.

The video series featured Fujitsu’s most advanced and newest products, including intelligent vaults, biometric technology, RFID tags, cash recyclers, and self-checkouts.  

Obviously, we were thrilled to be chosen by Fujitsu, the world’s fourth-largest IT services provider.  The scope of the project was huge – 5, 5-10 minute videos, covering 5 unique product lines.  All videos featuring motion-graphic animations over live-action footage.  At the start, Fujitsu wanted something different, something that was entertaining, while informative, and targeting a tech-savvy millennial audience.

Aiming to create a series that incorporates humor, while remaining professional, we worked on a concept that balanced both, and once all parties agreed on the general concept, we got to work on the scripts. We knew that working with high quality products (some very large), with dozens of features, that utilize state-of-the-art technology, meant scripting would be a complex. But we love challenges.

Adding humor to the series helped us create a more ‘human’ element to the project. The videos weren’t your “typical” product videos – not boring, but fun!

Our goal was to create an informational and entertaining video series, that highlighting not just the products being featured, but also the innovative solutions the brand has provided the world, since its inception in 1935.

Fujitsu chose us as their video vendor, not just because of our creative ideas, but because they knew the quality of our work was of the highest kind.  A brand like Fujitsu, a market leader when it comes to technology, needed to align itself with a video company that creates content for the top brands to ensure their brand is represented properly.

With a light, unserious tone, and silly, awkward interactions between characters, the videos add a fun, interesting element to the standard product video. We took this approach because we believe that no matter what the industry or product, educational videos should not be lacklustre or boring.

The last thing anyone wants to do is sit through a video that drags on, highlighting products through jargons, and makes everything tense and complicated.

As part of the project, we recut the full length videos into shorter, 2 minute or less versions. This is so that salespersons has options to show the video in case they have limited time with a prospect.

If you’re interested in watching the entire series, you can find it here on YouTube:

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