336 Productions Wins a Gold Pixie Award in Motion-Graphics

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336 Productions is a full service video production company in Orange County. Our goal is to produce constructive, appealing, and convincing experiences. We offer various production services including pre-production, production, and post-production. We specialize in making compelling videos using techniques that are time tested, using latest equipment. We are not merely producers; we are artists who know how to boost business live-action or motion-graphic, client branded videos.336 Productions Wins a Gold Pixie Award in Motion-Graphics
Our clients range from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We produce various kinds of videos including commercials, explainers, training videos, product demos, event videos, and sales videos. It doesn’t matter if the video is for the TV, the web, DVD or Blu-Ray, we fully comprehend your needs and have ample experience in all forms of distribution.
One of the things that make us special is having won over 15 awards since we began in 2008. We have won Telly, W3, Davey, Pixie and Communicator Awards in the categories of Corporate Image, Web Marketing, Branded Content, Motion-Graphics, Corporate Video, Online Video, Opening Title Sequence, and Film Trailer. Moreover, we recently found out that we’ve won another Pixie Award. It was a 2014 gold award in the category of motion-graphics for our PriceSpider video (
American Pixel Company; founded in 2008 by Mr. David E. Carter; sponsors The Pixie Awards. David E. Carter also founded the Telly Awards, American Corporate Identity, and is the editor of the Creativity Annual. The main goal behind this venture called The Pixie Awards is to basically promote and give credit to extraordinarily good work in motion graphics, visual effects, animation, games and typographic effects. All entries that are received are judged on a criterion of quality and excellence.
Winning the Pixie gold Award has certainly made us proud.