The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything we know about business and marketing. Companies faced lower revenues, organic traffic decline, and lower consumer engagement. Marketing played a key role in ensuring that businesses stayed alive.

Here’s how marketing changed massively in 2020 because of the pandemic.

The Importance of Holiday Digital Strategies

One of the major shifts we saw in 2020 was holiday sales and marketing. Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales all saw a shift in marketing dynamics. Visual marketing on social media platforms was responsible for engaging consumers since on-site tactics had a limited audience with social distancing.

Holiday season digital strategies had to take the visual appeal of holiday decorations and put them online. This meant custom corporate videos on social media, animations on websites, and engaging posters for multiple platforms.

Using Qualitative Appeal Points

One of the most important changes in marketing strategies that took place during the pandemic in 2020 was a massive shift in content focal points. As consumers began to look for ethical businesses, companies realized that focusing on their humanistic points was a strong appeal point in the current business climate.

Companies began to offer custom services, launch videos that offered consumers insight into their workplaces or operations and focus on making the human appeal visible. The idea of a distant, magnanimous corporation suffered in consumer opinion last year.

New Points of Purchase Appearing

One important way that marketing changed was to align with new points of purchase. Many offline businesses took to Instagram and Amazon when on-site retail was closed down. This eventually led to a digital transformation for many companies as they created their own websites and began to think about digital sales funnels more centrally.

This meant that a shift in how customer experiences were created, marketing plans were drawn, and what infrastructure meant shifted immensely. Now, tons of local businesses are online one way or another, which is a larger change than it may seem.

Deploying Visualization

Visualization in marketing also had to change radically for many businesses. Since coming to shops on-site and checking out products themselves wasn’t really possible, it was important that customers get a taste of the products in stock via images and videos.

Influencer videos and formal videos made by a professional video production company were essential for businesses to continue thriving and will probably be part of successful marketing for some time to come.

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