Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercially viable Hallmark holidays and public celebrations around the world. It’s a day that’s dedicated to celebrating romantic love and affection, and of course, pushing your products and services as great gifts and romantic treats.

But after years of similar content dominating our feeds, screens, physical advertising, and pretty much every store you visit around the date, it’s unsurprising that customers are sick of the saturation.

Instead, counter-narratives such as Galentine’s Day, Singles’ Day, and many others have popped up; your brand can have fun with your marketing strategy using some of these ideas:

Put out discounts, special offers, and V-Day deals

No matter what people say, nobody can resist a great discount. However, be mindful of promising only what you can deliver—after all, your relationship with your customers is at stake too. Increase orders through creative techniques and marketing strategies with our help!

Market your product in the most relevant way

Of course, we know that all our favorite brands are trying to upsell their products around this holiday, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You should participate too, just do it smartly.

Encourage people to spend time at home, enjoying a romantic date night. Organically demonstrate how your product, whether it’s food, makeup, or even a video game, can fit into their romantic evening.

Use personalized email and video to your advantage

Quirky emails, fun social media posts, videos and teasers, romantic connotations, and flirtatious texts are just some of the best ways to market your product. We can help you create personalized video content, including animations that you can post to your socials or add to emails for that added touch of romance!

Acknowledge and celebrate all sorts of love

Celebrate couples across genders and sexualities, platonic love, friendship, elderly romance, pet owners, families, and of course, self-love on this day and make a statement!

Not everything needs to be about romance, especially since your audiences and buyers are probably way more diverse than you realize—so why not celebrate everyone who supports you?

Excited to try some fun, quirky, and unique ideas this V-Day? Get in touch with our professional video services in Orange County for more details and recommendations. Together we’ll come up with the best content and promotional marketing videos for your brand!

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