Restaurants and food businesses can use video productions in a range of ways to keep their marketing and social media content engaging. However, it can be hard to begin brainstorming without a clear path.

These are our top picks for how food-based companies can utilize the appeal of film and video.

Influencer Marketing Collabs

The ultimate way to reach audiences without being too in your face about it is influencer marketing. Via innovative influencer videos featuring your food items, you can make quite a name for yourself. How does this work for food businesses and restaurants?

If you perform a quick search on YouTube about food videos published by companies such as Buzzfeed, you’ll notice how many restaurants or food brands are featured in them. Influencer marketing videos about your dishes and food will work the same way, as viewers will get to see people consume your items firsthand and get a review on them subtly.

Promotional Call to Actions

We often think of Call to Actions (CTAs) as content that drives consumers to buy your products and dishes directly. However, there are different kinds of CTAs you can deploy via video. The best example of this is to look at Coke’s strategy for marketing. The corporation consistently hands out free drinks and runs feel-good campaigns to generate brand loyalty.

You can use video, in the same way, to retain clientele and get them to respond to your campaigns in multiple ways. Whether this is via a short fundraising effort that advertises your CSR work or a challenge video to get your clientele engaging with your content — video production projects are the way to go.

Process & Operations Vlogging

A recent trend in popular content online is process and operations vlogging. As niche interests become more important over the years, social media users want to see how things are done, such as food production or a kitchen restaurant in its rush hour.

A vlog about how your company works, highlighting your employees and offices can go a lot farther than you may think.

Detailed Food Features

What do you think of when food advertisements come up? Those in-depth food videos that present food in the most aesthetically pleasing and mouthwatering way, of course! No food business should be without one of those advertisements showcasing your food.

Work with a professional video production company like us to develop a play-by-play plan for your food advertisement video and then execute it. Our dedicated team is a pro at handling just about any kind of video project for you.

Contact our video production company in Riverside today to get started.

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