In a world governed by technology and visualization, the best way to get your message across is to capitalize on the trend of digitalization. It doesn’t only catch people’s attention—it sells.

While some people have caught on to the trend and began investing in professional video production, others are still struggling to put two and two together.

Read on for four ways you can make your brand reach new heights by using the power and popularity of videos.

1. Recognize and Understand Your Audience

You’ve understood the importance of producing video content. The next step is targeting your audience.

Without demographic recognition and understanding, your video content will not be tailored accordingly. This could lead to a dramatic decrease in sales and brand reputation as your audience will fail to connect with your message.

The best way to get started is to develop a deep understanding of who you’re working for, so you can grasp what they’re interested in and cater to it. Ask yourself basic yet necessary questions regarding their language, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Be inclusive and build subsets within your audience. Invest time researching trends and produce customized content that targets most people in your biggest subset.

Your ultimate goal should be producing video content that connects with as much of your audience as possible.

2. Stand Out!

Remember that the large majority of individuals who engage with video content have short attention spans—most of them millennials. If your content isn’t creative, original, attention-grabbing and shareable, it’s unlikely that anyone will engage with it.

Think outside the box and develop novel ideas and strategies with strong shock value. Avoid generic and easily forgettable scripts and concepts. Your goal is to pique your audience’s attention, so they continue to watch your video.

3. Keep Things Short and Snappy

With busy schedules and increasingly hectic lives, people simply don’t have the time to engage with everything—even content they find interesting. Your job isn’t just to counter their boredom; you also have to counter their lack of time.

Keep things short, snappy and exciting. While your video may start off strong and engage your audience, they’re very likely to tune out if it’s long. Get to the point as quickly as possible and don’t overwhelm your audience with unnecessary and draining information.

Pro tip: Avoid repetition at all costs!

4. Accelerate Your Promotion Game

Marketers are big on the 80/20 rule, which establishes that 80% of a video creator’s time should be spent on marketing while the remaining 20% should be spent on actually creating the video content.

Follow this religiously.

Use social media to your advantage, especially popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. E-mail customers if necessary. Branch out as much as possible! Try to optimize your message across different devices as well for greater reach.

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