If you want your video content to grab people’s attention and increase visibility for your brand, you’ll have to think outside the box and employ new tactics.

One of the best ways to create video content that stands out is by using video testimonials. Here are some ways they’ll fit right into your brand strategy and storyline while increasing audience engagement and conversions.

1. Easy Way to Build Trust

All buyer-seller relationships are built on the foundation of trust. If a brand seems oddly suspicious or dishonest, it’s very likely that nobody will feel comfortable moving forward with a purchase.

The sooner you’re able to establish strong credibility, the better. Video testimonials do just that without boring audiences.

Pick confident and assertive leads for your testimonials, so your audience feels comfortable developing a strong sense of trust. Keep the testimonial short and to-the-point to prevent viewers from tuning out.

2. Appeal to Emotions

Video testimonials also give your audience a chance to build an emotional connection with your content. While a fast-paced video showcasing your product/service is a good way to create a brand video, it will fail to impact people in the same way a series of testimonials will.

Remember that your audience is human and ultimately craves interactive content. Testimonials are instantly ‘likable’ because they build a virtual human connection with the intended audience. This translates into a greater urge to act on the impulse to buy.

3. The Right Amount of Information

Video testimonials allow you to communicate just the right amount of information without making things complicated or dull.

While most video content can overwhelm viewers with information overload causing them to tune out, a short and lively testimonial will keep your audience actively engaged. You’ll be able to share important features and details without worrying about losing your audience.

4. Greater Exposure

Online visibility is one of the biggest boosts a brand could get. With visually-absorbable content taking over the world of social media, it’s essential that your brand recognizes this need and caters to it.

The more visual your branding strategy is, the better the results.

Video testimonials are the perfect way of creating visually dynamic content that strikes a chord with your audience. They’ll feel a greater impulse to share your content, resulting in greater exposure for your brand. While video content of your product or service could be effective, it lacks human interactivity, which reduces its ability to connect with the intended audience visually.

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