5 Examples of Brand Fails on YouTube

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YouTube is the go-to streaming platform if you want your brand to be heard. It allows you to reach out to millions of potential consumers online.

With just a click of a button, you can upload your video content and your subscribers will be alerted of your latest post.

And while it’s a great way to carve a name for yourself in your relevant field, some brands upload sub-par videos that actually hurt their brand.

Unfortunately, some brands took the wrong route to success and found out the hard way why social media isn’t always merciful when it comes to mistakes.

Here are 5 failed YouTube campaigns to learn lessons from:

No for Quiznos

In 2009, Quiznos came under fire for their spoof of a raunchy video. Titled, “2 Girls, 1 Sub” it was clear why it wasn’t well-received.

What made matters worse is that the company then released a statement claiming they had no involvement in the production. It’s apparent why not everyone seems to be convinced!

No Elephants for GoDaddy

In 2011, the CEO of GoDaddy, Bob Parson, came under fire for posting a video of himself shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe. You can see why this lead to a major controversy.

One of their biggest clients, PETA, led a campaign against them, closing their account and encouraging others to join them.

This is a clear example of how your business’s top executives are the brand ambassadors of your company!

Sleeping on the Job: Comcast

You had one job!

In 2007, a dissatisfied customer posted a video of a Comcast employee sleeping on their couch. Gaining more than a million views, everyone quickly took to social media to voice their anger.

What made matters worse is that Comcast did not respond to the criticism. They let angry customers ruin their brand’s reputation.

Making Light of Suicide: Hyundai

Another mistake was made by Hyundai, something that would be unexpected from a well-reputed company.

Their commercial showed a man attempting to commit suicide by trying to inhale exhaust fume but failed because he owned a Hyundai ix35. The car is known for having tail pipe that discharges water vapor.

After heavy criticism, the company apologized and removed the commercial.

Racism: Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew managed to offend millions, using racial stereotypes and violence against women in the plot.

As expected, the results were not good. In the end, Mountain Dew had to delete the video off YouTube!

Don’t make these mistakes when developing a commercial or video content for your brand. Always hire a professional video production company!

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