5 Fatal Corporate Video Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For

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At some point, every business dreams of having a corporate video that will go viral instantaneously and that connects with the target audience on a personal level. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t want to invest the many into a video production with a professional video company, and they attempt to do it themselves or hire an independent amateur videographer.

Keep on reading as we reveal some fatal corporate video mistakes some companies made when not working with professionals.

1.     Undermining the Importance of Script

A good script is what lays the foundation of a good video. If you Undermining the Importance of Scriptavoid that then you might as well through your money out the window.

Some might argue that it’s nearly impossible to tell a compelling story in a few minutes. However, if you have the right script written by the right team, then it is very much possible. Professional script writers will ensure that the video will be able to clearly convey your message and will be able to reach the audience on a deeper level.

2.     Using Technical Jargon

The whole point to the video is to simplify things for the audience, not to make them confused with over complicated concepts or technical jargon. Always remember that a video is a communication tool. You need to use the same language and tone as that of your customers. All this makes for very effective communication.

3.     Not Worrying About Sound

Not Worrying About SoundPoor sound quality of background score can totally distract the audience and keep them from the key message. The narrative should be easy to decipher and the music track and sound effects should be mixed as to create a nice balance. A professional production company will ensure that the best recording equipment is used during the production and that the any distracting background noise is edited during post-production.

4.     Poorly Lighting the Subject

Poorly Lighting the SubjectIf the main subject of the video is poorly lit then it might create a negative image for the audience. You need to ensure that the subject of the film is in a well lit environment and is featured in lighting that showcases their best attributes.

Bad lighting is a true sign of unprofessional work, and it turns the audience away right quick.

5.     Not Having a Clear Idea in the First Place

The whole point of the corporate video is to let people know what you and your company are all about, but if you don’t have a crystal clear concept of how you want that to happen, then the main message is going to be lost in translation. A good and clear idea should be able to engage the audience and make them want to know more about you.

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