Video has been an important part of marketing for decades. From the classic television commercials of the 1960s to viral video marketing campaigns on Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook, video is a powerful marketing tool. In today’s growing social media landscape, video marketing offers brands the perfect opportunity to promote themselves and influence potential buyers.

According to surveys, over 92% of marketers claim that video is one of the most important parts of their marketing strategy. On top of that, more than 85% of businesses use video as a useful marketing tool. In fact, studies have found that online video is 600% more effective than any other marketing tool—including print and direct mail.

Here are some key reasons why now is the best time for your company to invest in video marketing:

Effective Delivery of The Message

The human attention span is decreasing every day. With smart gadgets and fast technology being widely available, people get bored quickly if something doesn’t grab their attention.

Video marketing is an effective way to deliver messages in a persuasive way and a short amount of time. Companies find it easier to strike an emotional connection with potential customers using striking visuals and engaging scripts, and customers are more likely to follow through until the end.

Unique Way to Tell Your Brand Story

Video marketing gives organizations the opportunity to tell their brand’s story in a unique and compelling way.

You can create a brand film that shows your vision for your company and gives people a more in-depth look into how you operate your business. Taking them inside your company and showing them how it works is one of the most effective ways to win new business.

Capture More Leads and Improve Sales

User statistics have proven that the best way to retain website visitors is through video content. Targeted video marketing content that’s strategically placed on various platforms such as the business’s website and leading social media platforms can lead to better customer engagement. It can also increase inbound inquiries, leading to increased sales.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers today are looking for more than just products and services. They want an immersive experience that adds more value to their purchase. Videos can be used to improve the buyer journey by using demonstrations and animations to show how their product and service can benefit their lives.

Share Success Stories and Testimonials

Sharing success stories through video testimonials is the perfect way to prove the efficacy and benefits of your products and services. Adding them to the customer or testimonials page of your website can shine a light on existing customers, increasing brand loyalty, and expanding your reach.

You can also feature celebrity endorsements and customer interviews that show how your product and services are being used.

Create Compelling Business Videos

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