The coronavirus has negatively impacted businesses across the world, as they scramble to cancel annual conferences and scrap on-site plans in favor of virtual solutions.

Even Google, the leading web platform in the world, was forced to postpone its Google Cloud Next ‘20: Digital Connect event. Facebook’s F8 developer conference was also canceled, and in its place, Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders decided to share updates about their work through online videos.

The good news is that even though social distancing has made it impossible to host on-site events, social media and web traffic have increased exponentially. Companies now have the golden opportunity to reach a greater audience and showcase their products and services through virtual events.

Here are some tips that will help you maximize attendance, generate viable leads, and improve the customer experience for your online marketing campaign and virtual events:

Create an Immersive Online Experience

Before you start informing your clients and customers regarding the cancellation of your conference, consider turning it into a remote event.

The main purpose of most corporate events is to generate leads. You can do so by taking your event online and engaging with potential customers with an immersive online experience. To ensure the success of your online event, you must set proper goals, have a unique and compelling story or message, and create professional videos that engage your audience.

Choose the Right Format for Your Virtual Event

An effective virtual event must incorporate multi-session activities with pre-recorded videos and webinars that are interactive and focus on popular products and services. Pre-recorded videos give you the chance to create captivating content that combines clear language and brand elements.

You can also choose to livestream the event and include various panels and forums with live Q&A sessions to keep the audience engaged.

Set A Tone of Empathy and Transparency

Most people are feeling vulnerable and scared right now, as the future looks uncertain.

Having an empathetic tone in your online videos and virtual events is critical as a result. Brands that exploit vulnerable people for commercial gains rarely succeed.

Shift the focus away from celebrating your brand and product and instead focus on wellbeing and longevity. Show humility in the face of a global crisis and acknowledge that no one has all the answers.

This will help you connect with the audience on a deeper level and create brand loyalty that will last even after the pandemic.

Engage Virtual Attendees Through High-Quality Videos

Most companies are already offering online tutorials and webinars to increase brand visibility during the lockdown. However, one of the best ways to generate audience interest is through high-quality videos, graphics, and animation.

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