“Should I grab a quick bagel for lunch or power through with this bland coffee? Do I really need to finish this presentation, or can I take 15 minutes off to catch up on NHL updates?”

If your mind’s off to Narnia by now, we don’t blame you. Microsoft recently revealed that the average human attention span has dropped from twelve to eight seconds since 2000. Not only are we tuning out within seconds, but we’re also paying less attention. If the content we’re exposed to isn’t short, snappy, and exciting, we instantly shift our attention to something else that is.

Explainer videos have been dominating social media lately for just this reason—their incredible ability to deliver just what’s needed. In short, an explainer video that’s created by a professional video production company explains a product or service in an informative yet concise and exciting way. Within the span of 30 seconds to three minutes, the audience is informed about the brand through engaging graphics and visuals.

Curious about how these videos can boost your brand’s growth and help you establish a successful brand identity among your Los Angeles competition? Read on for the ultimate breakdown!

1. Displaying Your Brand’s Personality

Whether you’re interested in promoting your brand’s ideology, testimonials, products, or services, an explainer video is a surefire way to give the audience a glimpse of your brand’s personality.

While a social media post or a long, drawn out video may be packed with information, the intended audience is very likely to tune out within a matter of seconds.

Contrarily, an explainer video with rich audiovisual elements will get your message across without creating a shift in attention. The audience will absorb your message, thereby getting a flavorful taste of your brand’s personality.

2. Capturing and Holding Audience Attention

While capturing the audience’s attention is essential, it’s ultimately momentary. The audience may or may not choose to further engage with the content.

An explainer video minimizes the chances of attention loss, thereby doubling and tripling the chances of a sale.

By using animated explainer videos, the chances of holding audience attention dramatically increase. The longer the audience remains engrossed, the more information you’re imparting.

You’re also simultaneously making a longer impression that’s likely to last. As your brand identity becomes entrenched among audiences, you’ll notice brand growth and success. 

3. Higher Sharing Potential

Research indicates that using the word ‘video’ in a title can increase click-through rates from 19% to a whopping 65%!

While videos in themselves are a winning feature, adding fun and excitement to them is bound to take your content to new heights. Not only do audiences engage with explainer videos, but they also share them with their friends and family members across social media and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, among many others.

As your content travels across a range of devices across the globe, your brand will gain greater recognition.

4. Increasing Conversion Rates

A recent survey conducted by Video Rascal revealed that audiences are 85% more likely to buy a product or a book or service that comes with an engaging explainer video.

With digital media taking precedence over print media, it’s become essential for brands to capitalize on audiovisual technology. As one of the best ways to get messages across, an excellent explainer video grips audiences till the very end.

It also imparts adequate information and builds trust, so audiences feel comfortable making a purchase. This gradual conversion ultimately serves as the biggest contributor to brand visibility, growth, sales, and profit.

5. Improving Search Engine Rankings

With over 70% of the top 100 search engine results displaying videos, it’s a no-brainer that explainer videos create better SEO rankings. With audiences increasingly seeking video thumbnails over text links, an explainer video will help your website garner greater traffic, thereby increasing conversion rates and consequent sales.

As your video climbs search engine rankings, your brand will establish a successful identity among targeted audiences and newcomers.

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