Or something so outrageous happens that you’re left utterly curious, baffled, confused and weirdly invested? That’s exactly how viral content works and why our video agency based in Orange County is an advocate for it!

It’s something that everyone seems to be talking about almost overnight, sharing opinions, engaging with, reposting and resharing on their profiles and pages. It could be something that infuriates them, makes them laugh or has a powerful message that resonates with them. The point is for this content to appeal to mass audiences and bring the attention and publicity to a brand that needs it for promotional activities.  

Among the various services that we offer, we also help brands design and launch social media campaigns and viral video content that draws traction toward them. Here’s how you can do it:

Identify your target audience

It’s important to understand that you can’t appeal to everyone. You have to know your target audience. Is it going to be teenagers? Or are you trying to reach older audiences, such as middle-aged folk? Is it specific segments of those audiences, like high-school students as opposed to middle-school or college-going teens? Narrow down and identify your audience for better reach.

Make use of visual cues and elements

Apart from having a strong story or viral element, your viral content needs to have good visuals.

Images, shots, and scenes that impact the user or the right colors for graphics and text can affect viewers’ moods, interests, and connection to the content.

Working with the right video production company can help you discover the most effective visual content for your viral campaigns.

Make it shareable

The way viral content gets around is by being reposted and reshared by thousands and even millions of people. Even audiences who have no access to your product or service will be sharing content if it’s emotionally and conceptually appealing. Video formats that are posted on various platforms are easy to share and repost, and with the right branding, all your viewers will be able to come back to your company.

Time its release

Timing is everything! This, by no means, is an exaggeration. To release something that’s intended to go viral and reach maximum people, you have to post it at a time when you have the most traffic, engagement, and audience participation. Knowing your social media page’s stats, trends and traffic play heavily into this—so be sure to work closely with your social media team!

Ready to put yourself out there and become an overnight sensation? We’d love to help! Reach out to us for our video production services.