We live in a visual world; photos, infographics, and videos are everywhere. According to traffic acquisition reports, articles with relevant images average 94% more page views than those without, and landing page videos increase conversion rates by approximately 86%. Therefore businesses must produce engaging multimedia content to stay ahead of the competition. We will go over some ways video marketing can help your business.

1. Prove your products and services are reliable

Does the product or service you sell solve a problem? Show how it works with educational videos and help potential buyers make a decision.

2. Boost traffic and lead generation

Videos on landing pages increase conversion rates by about 80%. If you have a website or blog, post videos there for visitors to see. LinkedIn is also another great platform to help drive traffic with relevant video content. Capture user engagement with relevant call-to-action videos at the end of blog posts.

3. Increase conversions with online demos

If you have an eCommerce site, post a video showing how to use your product on every website page. YouTube is an excellent platform for this as it’s a social media site, and often users will search for the specific item they want to buy on it. Or, for B2B businesses, record a short demo of your service or product and embed it into a brochure.

4. Attract new customers with video testimonials

If you have a blog or website, post about your company’s work ethic and find happy customers to talk about their experience working with your company in the comments section of your blog. These opinions carry a lot of weight and can be the deciding factor for potential customers when choosing between you and another company.

5. Communicate like a human to build trust with buyers

When users see that they’re interacting with a real person, they’ll be more likely to trust you. Personal stories shared about your business are also a great way to build trust with your customers.

Bottom Line

Video marketing is an effective way to communicate your message and engage with customers. When you let us help create a video for you, we can ensure that it captures viewers’ attention by showcasing who you are as a company or organization.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team of videographers in Orange County can boost your business with professional-quality videos.

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