We live in a digital age where a staggering 4.66 billion people use the internet – that’s more than half of the world’s current population. For marketers, having this many people visiting various platforms on the internet several times every day is nothing short of a jackpot.

Shifts in Content Trends

Within the realms of the internet, the past decade saw a shift in consumption patterns. Written content such as ad banners and blogs were more popular in the earlier days. However, the fast-changing digital environment quickly evolved into prioritizing visual content over types of content. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook led the way from reading-intensive content to more visual posts.

The consumption of videos on the internet has brought us to a point where a mind-boggling 1 billion hours of video are watched every day on Youtube alone! Consequently, marketing professionals and content production companies have realized that people now like watching (photos and videos) more than reading and developed subtle strategies for successful video marketing.

Video is King

The success of video marketing has been proven through data analytics. Research conducted by FaceBook shows that users spend 5x more time on videos than photos. This means that video content is proving to be far more successful in grabbing attention than text and photos. Marketing professionals took note of this statistic and coupled it with the fast declining popularity of in-your-face advertisement to give birth to subtle, authentic, and informative video marketing. The end result is a professionally produced video advertisement that seems to be integrated into the content to make it more captivating.

Understanding Online Video Marketing

If you have just begun your journey into understanding the essentials of online video marketing, here are 3 fundamental things to know:

Know your target audience

Having the right data about your target audience is perhaps the most important piece of knowledge to have to build a marketing campaign that will convert. For example, if your target audience is in a certain age range, knowing their average retention time, topics of interest, and consumption trends are the keys to a successful video marketing campaign.

Consumers want to be entertained – always!

Remember that the internet is full of sub-standard video content that your audience is likely already tired of. To stand out and set a good brand impression, get your videos made by professional production companies.

Make your videos mobile friendly

A big majority (92.6%) of internet users worldwide access the internet through mobile phones to access social media platforms, news, education, and entertainment. Since mobile screens are vertical, landscape videos make the viewing experience sub-optimal, so keep in mind to optimize your videos accordingly.

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