According to research, no other form of advertising can help you create an emotional connection with your audiences better than video. It generates traffic, boosts conversion and sales, and captures the audience’s attention.

But that’s not all. Here are some more benefits it beholds for your business.

1. Makes Email Marketing More Interesting

According to the marketing experts at Forbes, email marketing is the golden goose. It helps you deliver targeted messages to the right audiences, reach a global audience, and create personalized messages.

However, businesses often struggle to get their audiences to respond to email marketing. Emails are more engaging and drive interest when they include videos instead of lengthy texts.

As audiences, it’s easier to sit back and watch videos than read texts.

2. Search Engines Love Videos!

Videos tend to rank higher in search and help improve the website’s overall ranking on the search engine pages. The more effective your video is, the more likely it is for your video to be ranked on the first page of Google results. This makes your website a more desirable click.

You can achieve this by optimizing the video for higher SEO ranking by including value-added titles and snippets. Video titles should be brief but descriptive. You can also add a descriptive ‘meta tag’ to help Google understand the content of your video.

If you create engaging videos, you’d be automatically increasing the amount of time a user spends on your website before returning to the search engine. This is known as the ‘dwell time’ and is an important Google ranking factor. Therefore, it’s inevitable that websites that include videos tend to have a longer dwell time and rank higher.

3. Encourages Social Shares

At any given time, a massive chunk of your target audience is busy scrolling down their Facebook,and Instagram feeds, making it a powerful marketing tool.

If you create video content that resonates with the audiences, they’ll share it on their newsfeeds with their friends. The shorter and more engaging the video content, the higher will be the shareability. This makes it easier for you to convey your brand message to a wide audience.

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