Corporate Crusade: What to Consider When Shooting Your First B2B Video

By February 2, 2017No Comments

For CEOs, one of the toughest projects to take on can be B2B videos. The cost of video projects, uncertainty about concepts, hiring a trustworthy and creative video company, these are just some of the headache inducing reasons companies shy away from video. Also, CEOs know their potential customers or clients have specific standards, are hard to please, and it can take weeks to come up with a decent story line.

However, just because it can be difficult doesn’t mean it has to be troublesome or you should throw in the towel.

If you’ve been assigned the project of creating or developing a B2B video for your company, following these steps can help you become successful:

Draw a Bubble and Don’t Pop It

In grade school, you were told to draw idea bubbles. This is in fact, very handy. Not only will this get you started and gather up your thoughts, you will be able to organize a list of topics, ideas, innovations, and details that will help direct you. This will also help you visualize what you want the video to look like. The video company you hire will get specific about what the visuals will be and how they’ll be captured, but it’s a good exercise to start here.

Discuss with Your Team

If you do everything solo, you’ll miss out on creative brainstorming that can make the project a success. This way, you’ll be able to discuss your ideas, share your opinions, and gather your team’s opinions and ideas. You’ll be able to narrow down what you need to add or discard in the project.

While you may not see a problem with your ideas, others might feel otherwise.  It’s good practice to vet your video ideas with other departments to get an initial thumbs-up.

This is similar to copywriters who need editors to proofread their work.

You may need another pair of eyes to check the scripts and cuts as they come in.

Communicate with the Video Company

It’s essential you communicate with the video vendor you hire. After all, they are the ones working for you, trying to interpret your vision and satisfy the marketing objectives.

Understand their specific needs and requirements, so that you’re prepared to provide they assets they’ll need and answer the questions they’ll have. Present them with ideas, ask them to choose what they like and discard what they don’t like. Collaboration between the video company and client is key in a successful video project.

Review the Work

In post-production, when the cuts start coming in, really spend time reviewing them. This is essential so no mistakes are made. Check the spelling of each word, listen to the audio mix, think about the pace and flow. You can also plan a screening of the cuts with other team members so they have a chance to contribute.  Again, it never hurts to have a 2nd opinion.


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