Marketing your products or services effectively and connecting with your consumers is essential to any business’s growth. It’s something companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in each year.

However, not all marketing techniques and approaches look and work the same way. Not every company will function the same, target the same people, sell the same products and services, or share the same values and images as their direct competitors.

This blog lists some unique ways to market a business or product.

The Need for Unique Marketing Strategies

Every business must have a unique marketing approach customized according to its brand, public image, and values. A unique marketing strategy helps outline your company’s objectives, and identifies your target audience and how you plan to contact them.

Popular ways of sharing marketing content are:

  • SEO
  • Blogs and articles
  • Audio-visual media such as videos, photos, infographics

Branding through videos

Marketing through videos is one of the most effective approaches that companies can employ. There are multiple ways to market brands using videos, depending on the goal and overall business strategy.

Each type of video serves a particular marketing purpose. Your options include:

Brand Video

Brand videosprovide an insight intowhat the company does, its mission, and how it differs from competitors. It’s also a terrific opportunity for brands to share more about the founders and individuals in the company.

Information/Demonstration Videos

Information and demonstrative videos share information or a guide on how the product works or how to avail of the service.

Storytelling, Case Study, and Testimonials

These tap into the human element of your company and make for a powerful statement. When you appeal to the emotional senses of people, you’re likely to gain a lot of traction. Testimonials indicate the success and value of your service to potential customers too.

SFX or Animated Videos

Another engaging form, animated videos use audio-visual cues to create something aesthetically appealing and can be used for multiple purposes.

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