Don’t Make These Embarrassing Video Content Mistakes!

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There’s nothing more inspiring than creating a video that is not only in line with your vision, but garners the support of strangers online. From YouTube makeup gurus to influencers, individuals from all over the world have been able to develop their own ideas and get recognition (and income!) for their efforts.

But when it comes to successful brands, one question that always pops up every now and then is, “How can we come with a stellar idea that leaves an unforgettable impression?”

It’s tempting to go with the first idea that pops into your head.

“Let’s hire actors to play reenact the founding of the company.”

“Let’s get some helicopter shots and put voice-over over it”

“I could give a facility tour and walk and talk to the camera”

Everything seems like a good idea until you later you realize, maybe it’s not. That’s why scripts and storyboards take months sometimes to be finalized. If you’re planning a commercial, make sure you don’t make these embarrassing mistakes:

Stealing Content

Nobody likes a content thief. While there’s no harm in taking inspiration from your favorite commercials and films, stealing is not okay (and it’s also illegal, by the way.)

As a creative individual, it’s best to use your own creative approach. You can even blend different works together if you can’t come up with your own. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, but copyright infringement is not.

Not Researching Your Stats

Always, always research thoroughly before you add a report or stat. Make sure the site or source you use ends with a .gov, .edu or an org.

Never use a random website that do not backup its claims. This is will subtract points and your brand will suffer from a loss. You want to create the image of reliability and trustworthiness for your brand so that when your clients recommend your products to their loved ones, they can do so with confidence.

Bombarding Your Content with Effects

Don’t overdo it with the visual effects. The last thing you want is to distract your viewers from your video. You want them to be able to focus on the highlights of the video and not just the effects. Be simple in your approach. You need to convey your company’s message and vision without taking away the focal point of the video content.

Hire a Professional Video Production Company

A professional video company has the tools and resources to help your brand stand out amongst the crowd. By offering experience and using professional equipment, professionals know the ins and outs of the industry and are able to highlight the best features of your products and services.

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