Here is How an Explainer Video Can Help Your Business

By November 5, 2015No Comments

Have you wondered why your business might ever need an Here is How an Explainer Video Can Help Your Businessexplainer video? Well, here is one reason why – The algorithm used by Google for search rankings takes into account the length of time visitors actually stay on your page. Explainer videos ensure that the visitors are enticed into staying long enough on your website to have some very important queries cleared.

The popularity of explainer videos has exploded in the past few years. They help boost your sales, clarify your product and even increase your conversion rates. But that’s not all…

·        Increase Your Visibility

Here is where the consumers can help you pass the word along. Thousands of video links are posted on Twitter everyday and more than half of them are shared almost within a minute. A video gives consumers the power to share your message. Your consumers become your biggest advocates and help get the feedback and ratings you need. With an explainer video you more or less get to announce to the world “this is who we are and this is what we do.”

·        Boost Your Web Traffic

The term “going viral” has been around almost as long as YouTube. The main idea here is to create a video that is made available everywhere and gets a large viewing in a very short amount of time. Since there is no set formula for creating a viral video, you can’t really guarantee its success. But if your video does go viral, then your brand is going to sky rocket.

·        Rank Better in Google Search

You shouldn’t wonder why your site isn’t seeing any traffic if it’s stale. Pages containing endless amount of block text tend to scare most visitors away. Because of that, visitors fail to have any knowledge of your products. And worst, they are likely to never visit again. An explainer video hooks visitors in, captures their attention and makes them want to either purchase your product or learn even more. This, in turn, bolsters your ranking in Google search.

·        Showcase Your Personality

The only way customers can be able to put a face to your name is if they are given that opportunity, and what’s better than a picture of you or your team on your website? A video where you and your team talk about your company. Most of the time, consumers have little to no contact with you, which makes it very hard for them to fully understand how invested you are in your products or services and how passionate your team is. But with an explainer video you will be giving the consumers a chance to get to know you and establish trust. By showcasing your personality, and not holding back, you will be able to create and strengthen your virtual connection with your consumers.

In conclusion, explainer videos include benefits like boosting sales, gaining popularity for your brand, and explaining your product successfully, and so much more. When you create an explainer video by a professional production company, you get the chance to share it with people all over the world. In other words, you can promote awareness and generate reviews for your company. Overall, this just goes to show that videos are by far the most popular medium for people to share information and advertise your business.

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