How Do We Cast Voice-Over Actors?

By September 20, 2018No Comments

Voice-overs aren’t just for motion-graphic videos; they are used in all types of projects! Whether you’re making a radio spot, a television commercial, or a documentary, voice overs can be the perfect tool to enhance your production quality.

Here’s how we do it at 336 Productions.

Step 1 – Go Over The Client’s Requirements

The first thing we do as we begin the process of voice-over casting is determine the kind of voice the client wants for the project.

Do they want the voice to be of a male or a female?  Is an accent required?  Are they looking for a kid or an adult to narrate the content of the video? What type of role do they want the voice to portray (general narrator, businessman, homemaker, chef, etc.)?

Once we’ve thoroughly examined our client’s specifications, we proceed with the casting. In case the client hasn’t made any particular remarks about what they want, we make sure to check with them first and then move to the next step.

Step 2 – Create A Casting Notice

Having narrowed down our voice-over requirements, we create a casting notice for prospective actors. This conveys all relevant project details, including the role rate, performance direction, and sides (a section of the script) for the audition. A detailed casting notice will help actors decide if they are right for the role, and interested in the project.

Step 3 – Release The Casting Notice To The Actors

After the casting notice has been carefully crafted, it is time to send it out to prospective actors.

This is where professional voice talent audition services come in. Through the help of these online agencies, we are able to send out our casting notice to the relevant voice actors who can access the project requirements and submit to the project. This speeds up the whole process considerably with high quality auditions being sent right to us often within minutes of issuing the casting notice.

Step 4 – Review Auditions

Once we’ve received all the auditions (AKA submissions), we then go over those files to select the best of the best. Narrowing down the candidates and carefully listening to their auditions multiple times ensures that we find the right person for the job.  We take this task very seriously to provide the best quality to our client. We send our top 3-5 picks to the client so they can make the final choice.

Step 5 – Cast The Actor

Once the client has decided on the actor they want, we cast them! The rates for voice-overs vary with the type of work that is being assigned and are calculated depending on the word count, not necessarily the length of recording.

With our dedicated video production team in Orange County, you don’t need to worry about finding the right voice-over actor for your promotional video.

We do it for you! Call us at (888) 440-5830 and begin your video marketing journey!