Nowadays, we see brand and explainer videos in Orange County, for every industry,featuring a humorous tone. Even though some would consider adding humor to a corporate video, especially to an education video,a bit of a risk, if done right, it can make the video memorable and more effective. Just look at the 20+ million views of the Dollar Shave Club “about us” video. It went viral because of its humor.Often companies decide not to include humor in a script because of the very real issue of not being taken seriously. Let’s say a company is making a training video in Orange County, the company might see humor as taking away from the education value, but we’ve seen over and over again that viewers appreciate humor.And in the case of viral marketing, it’s often the funniest promotional videos and campaigns that are remembered and spread far and wide.

Video Marketing: Is Humor Always Effective?

There’s no straight answer to this, as using humor in your brand and event videos in Orange County can go both ways according to how the humor is used and if its appropriate. You need to consider your the goal of the video, the audience, and their senses of humor. This is why hiring a professional business video service in Orange County is a good idea; we understand how to take all the important factors into consideration, and write a script that strikes the perfect balance, whether it’s for a promo video or a training video in Orange County.

What to Remember When Making a Sales Video in Orange County Yourself?

If you’re not able to hire a video company, there are two very important things that you must keep remember:

Keep Your Marketing Video Message and Goal in Sight

We’ve seen corporate videos include humor just for the sake of being funny, but you never forget the real goal of the video – to educate, to increase sales, and to raise brand awareness. This is very important and should be followed throughout the making of the promotional video in Orange County. While adding in humor where appropriate is something you should focus on, the ultimate goal is to promote and market your service or product effectively through the video.

Keep Your Target Market in Sight

Always remember your audience when writing the script; pulling off an amazing humorous sales or educational video in Orange County is a difficult feat, as humor is something that can vary between people of different ages, demographics, education and cultural backgrounds. You must be willing to take some risks in making the marketing video; risk losing the message in the joke or altogether offending people with the humor!

When handled in the right manner however, the use of humor in your case study video in Orange County can strengthen the marketing message. This is why hiring a professional is often the best idea; because they know how the marketing messages and humor used will work in tandem.

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