How the Location of Your Video Shooting and Product Photography Affects Your Brand’s Image

By June 1, 2017No Comments

When it comes to product videos or photos, most businesses focus on the brand, the product,  the casting, but often times forgetting one of the most important aspects of their videos and photos: the location.

The background and location of your video and photography shoots speak volumes about your brand to your customers. Do you have a photography session with a white background or do you have your shoot in a studio with a custom built set? The answer to that depends on the product you are marketing, your budget, and your audience.

If you’re marketing food products, you can probably rule out shooting them outside, but they will catch your customers’ attention when they’re used in recipes in a fancy restaurant kitchen or shown inside a refrigerator in a modern, single-family home kitchen.

Think about location!  Do you show your new pasta sauce in a grimy, fast food joint, or an expensive looking Italian restaurant?  Do you show your healthy kid’s snack in a messy pantry, or displayed on a beautiful, granite kitchen island?

Similarly, imagine the location options for a sports advertisement. If the ad focuses on sports drinks, the product is most likely best-suited for outdoors. This is because we associate sports drinks with activity and physical endurance.

When you think about ‘sports’, you think about green grass, a stadium, or a court with energy-consuming games taking place.

But if you saw an advertisement for energy drinks inside a library, it would seem off-brand. This is because energy drinks are specifically marketed to athletes.

Think of the location as a non-speaking cast member, and ask yourself, “does the location represent the product and brand well?”  The location of your product shoots plays a major role in the development of your brand. It helps create your band’s personality by helping cater your product to the right target audience.

When your customers visit your website or look up your videos on YouTube, they will notice the background of your advertisement. And it will help them form an opinion of your brand and what you are selling.

Unless you are creating an “About Us” video, corporate communication video, or a video about the history of your business, it’s imperative to choose a location that works for your products and target audience.  The videos mentioned above are commonly shot in the office, but even then, you could consider shooting a green screen background for interviews, or rethinking location.

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