We (Josh and Marlowe) live and work in Costa Mesa, so we have regular Baker Party Rentals truck sighting, and we use their services for our parties!  That’s why it was so cool when they came to us for their promotional video.

Their marketing objective was to highlight their brand and services.  They shows us some videos that they liked, and we pitched them some ideas.  We wanted to intrigue the viewer though a story with characters, rather than through interviews with employees.  We all agreed it was important to show not just the Baker perspective of one of their projects, but the customer’s as well, and to show the beautiful moments that come out of the end-product: the party or event itself.

Production lasted 2 days in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

Post-production went smoothly thanks to well executed pre-production and production.

Baker Party Rentals uses the video on their website and social media channels.

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