We live in a digital age where brands and companies are in constant competition to attract their customers’ attention. Unsurprisingly, one of the best ways to engage customers and grab their attention in modern times is through creative videos.

Companies use creative videos as a marketing strategy to communicate a story about their service, product, or brand. This concept is referred to as storytelling.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at the power and benefits of storytelling through creative videos in this blog.

Storytelling in Video Marketing

The concept of storytelling through creative videos isn’t to create a sales pitch for a product or a service. The aim is to impact the pain points of the customers and build an emotional connection.

Effective storytelling is more than telling a story. It involves a combination of character portrayal, emotions, background music, camera angles, and also the length of the video. Marketing experts try to convey more in shorter videos, as it’s deemed more effective.

To determine the essence of the video, there are a number of questions you must answer before making it.

1. What’s the Plot?

Deciding the plot of the story is very important and will set the course for the rest of the planning and the video itself. What will the video portray? What will be the structure of the video? An effective video has a determined structure, like leading into a problem at the start and providing a satisfying solution at the end.

2. What’s the Purpose of the Video?

You need to determine what you want to convey through the video. Do consider your target audience’s point of view as well, like what they’ll interpret after watching the video.

3. Who’s the Leading Character?

Preferably, choose a leading character that relates to the target market you’re trying to reach. There could also be more than one leading character in the video.

A person shooting a video4. Where Will the Video be Shot?

Determining a location for your video shoot is also important. If possible, shoot the video at a location that aligns with the message you’re trying to portray or the narrative you’re trying to create.

5. Who’s Your Target Audience?

Identifying your target audience is key to successfully conveying your message. Is it for new, potential customers or old and loyal ones? Is it for a certain age group or any other demographic?

Here’s an excellent example of a short, creative video from Airbnb that conveys its brand values effectively.

6. Which Channel is Best to Distribute the Video?

Choosing the right channel is as important as any other aspect of conveying your message effectively. Choose the right channel to effectively reach your target market. It could be TV advertisements, social media, digital billboards, etc.

When you answer all these questions, you’ll have the right ideas and the structure to make an effective video that has the potential to be impactful. If you’re worried about how to do all of this alone, you don’t have to.

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