We have short attention spans. We can’t invest a lot of time in learning and therefore like to get to the facts – stat! Additionally, success stories of case study videos done right have made it clear just why people prefer watching these types of videos and how this can lend success to your business model.

The video above is a case study video we produced for our client Neudesic. The video showcases how their customer, Kiewit, uses Neudesic’s social enterprise software, Pulse. The video was a huge success for Neudesic, as well as for Kiewit. Nudesic was able to add this video to their marketing efforts for Pulse and distribute it all over the web, while Kiewit was able to use the video internally as a way to promote the use of Pulse in their company.

So, how do you create a case study video that pleases the crowd and helps get the real, desired results? The following are some professional tips that 336 Productions, a B2B and case-study video production expert in Orange County, follow themselves.

Keep It Short and To the Point

When making a killer case study video, keep it concise. There’s usually going to be at least 3 interviews in a case study, but make sure the interviewees are not saying the same thing. Hone in on their areas of expertise and make sure they build off what each other is saying. How is this done? By crafting an outline or script in pre-production that presents the questions and answers of each interviewee. Even though the interviewee will not give their answers exactly as they are written in the script, you can use the script as a guide to know you’re hitting the right points.

Let the Work Shine Through

Case studies are the same as any other creative production, which means the video should try and get the idea across quickly. This doesn’t mean that attention to details should be foregone. Make the video interesting, original, creative, and clear in its meaning.

Drop the ‘Chest-Pounding’ Completely

Case-studies are all about facts and statistics. Don’t ever fall in the trap of chest pounding, i.e. boasting in a case study. Refrain from making judgments or being salesy. Place the focus delivering a straightforward narrative, and answering the question, “what problem did the product or service solve?”

Build High Standards

In other words, always opt for incredible quality not just in the video but in the content as well. While it’s always a challenge to make case studies that make people come back to it, often the question arises: is more time being spent on the idea of case studies, foregoing the critical aspects? Are you taking it on as a holistic project?

Professional video producers recommend paying special attention to each and every component of the product, i.e. the logo animation, creative b-roll, captivating sound design, professional lighting, production design, etc., and let it all shine in the final cut.

Essentially, the point is to present and not preen. Since your case study video will be more than a ‘how to’, it must be made properly to help consumers understand why your product or service should be made use of. This can only be done by professionals in general and 336 Productions in particular. Click here to find out how.

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