In recent years, there’s been a surge in demand for community culture videos that are created by professional video production companies. While prospective employees and investors are interested in interacting with businesses on a professional level, there is always a sliver of curiosity regarding what the brand looks like behind-the-scenes.

Company culture videos give viewers a glimpse of the day-to-day work culture of a business, cutting through the rigid air of professionalism.

What does a company culture video look like? We’ve broken down some essentials of a winning company culture video to help you get an idea of which direction you need to head in!

1. Share a Compelling and Genuine Story

The best way to interact with your audience in a way that truly makes them feel connected is by sharing a compelling and genuine story.

A company culture video should always go beyond showcasing the work life and habits of upper management.

By highlighting personal habits and interactions among employees, you’ll strike a chord with prospective employees. They’ll envision themselves fitting into the culture and immediately feel a sense of connection and virtual bonding.

2. Focus on Showcasing Growth Beyond Work

Instead of solely focusing on the work life of employees, it’s essential to showcase their personal growth and bonds. In recent years, there’s been an increase in employees feeling an overwhelming sense of mental and emotional pressure arising from workplace toxicity and excessive workload.

If your employees discuss work within a strictly professional capacity, your community culture video will turn away prospective employees. Go a step beyond work by showcasing employee wellness. We also recommend capturing interactions among employees to impart lightheartedness and joyfulness within the company.

3. Keep Things Short, Fun, and Exciting

Planning on shooting a long company culture video that focuses on employees discussing their roles in a sit-down setting? You might want to think again.

In an era dominated by technology, visualization, and social media, the average attention span has reduced to eight seconds. A long and boring company culture video is bound to result in viewers clicking away from the video and looking for something else that piques their interest.

To maximize audience engagement and retention, keep things short, fun, and exciting. With excellent cinematography and editing, your video will keep audiences interested and will result in higher conversion rates.

4. Don’t Try to Sell

While you may be tempted to sneak some heavy promotion into your company culture video, it’s best to leave those tactics for marketing videos.

A successful company culture video always radiates wholesome and genuine energy that resonates with prospective employees.

This is more likely to result in more sharing, which will automatically improve growth for your business by increasing the number of applications.

5. Let Your Brand’s Personality Shine Through

We left the best for last. To truly make your company culture video a winning feather in your company’s cap, let your brand’s personality shine through. Add touches of humor and use fun graphics and visuals for a dash of informality that improves audience engagement.

We also recommend capturing employees interacting naturally. Showcasing their inside jokes and hobbies will balance your community culture video.

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