The popularity of the internet and unlimited web access has changed the way people consume videos in the modern age. In recent times, any effective video campaign must interact with consumers personally.

Your marketing campaign doesn’t just have to sell your product or service but also touch lives. As per statistics, over 248 million individuals in the United States will be digital video viewers by the end of 2022.

Creating interactive videos that engage with the audience is the key to generating more sales and building a strong brand. Here are some tools to help you engage with your target audience better.

Email Capture Forms

A good video that can engage well with consumers has email forms embedded in it. These forms can be at the start, middle, or end, depending on the business, its ideology, its niche, and more.

You can also include the message you want to deliver in these email forms to invite bigger crowds by depicting a clear idea. These email forms can also be customized and collected emails according to other platforms, like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and more.

Updated Ending Screens and Good Call to Actions

The closing scene of a video advertisement is important, but the ending screen that comes right after it holds the same significance. Customized ending screens help add value to your advertisement and leave a lasting impression on your consumers’ minds.

Leaving an impression drives more conversions from leads to consumers. Another important aspect that drives lead conversions is a strong call to action. Keeping your CTA precise and to the point and delivering the right message can help businesses engage with consumers better.

Smartphone Cards

Smartphone cards, or Mobile-friendly cards, are another interactive tool that helps businesses engage with their consumers, but only when the consumers want.

This tool lets consumers click on their preferred destination links whenever they want during a video they watch. These links are embedded in videos and work for smartphones only. You can choose where to embed the link as per the video and your product/service.

This tool gives consumers the liberty to choose when to view a certain link, making it highly popular and effective, given that the video advertisement is of premium quality.

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