“The Death of TV” – Why Viewers Are Moving Online

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Today, television has broken free of its physical confines and has come to mean something else entirely. TV is no longer limited to the physical device it was originally named after. TV content is now accessible to us through a variety of different devices, mediums, services, and platforms.

Some have called it the “death of TV,” but while viewers have increasingly stopped watching content on TV sets, their interest in watching content isn’t going anywhere. According to a Nielsen report, the average American adult now spends nearly half a day interacting with content online.  

So what new opportunities do these growing trends present?

Address The Ever-Shortening Attention Spans

Thanks to our multi-tasking habits, it’s no secret that the average human attention span has dropped down to 8 seconds. Americans are now just as likely to watch shorter video clips on their smartphones as streaming movies or TV shows online. Short bursts of entertainment are what the viewers are enjoying. This creates a golden opportunity for content creators and advertisers.

Real-Time Live Programming

While viewers shift to the more flexible online streaming, live programming still hasn’t lost its appeal. Two in three Americans watched video content that was recorded live, in real-time. Live content such as competitions, sports, musical specials, etc. still attract large viewership, which is good news for advertisers and TV programmers alike.

Consumer attention can be captured through embracing new technological advancements such as virtual reality or through enhancing the viewers’ social media experience during those real-time viewing events.

Adapting To Changing Viewing Behaviors

When it comes to content consumptions, delayed viewing is the new normal. Viewers prefer not to watch episodes of a show when it’s first aired. Instead, they prefer to watch it according to their own schedule. Many also prefer to binge watch content all in one go instead of having to wait for episodes every week, as most traditional TV channels usually offer. This has, of course, given rise to online streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu.

As the landscape of television viewing constantly shifts and changes and both the viewers and producers enter into uncharted territory, content developers and brands should act accordingly. In order to capitalize on the ever-changing consumer preferences, content developers must understand the viewers’ desires for ‘snackable’ content that further enhances their viewing experience.

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