The Power Of Words – What’s In a Script?

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Yes, a promotional video for your business is a great idea as no other marketing method has the power to engage the audience and make them act. You can write thousands of words of copy, but a well made 30 second video, trumps copy almost every time.

corporate video scriptBut let’s talk about where it all begins…with the script. Your video project, whether a promo or explainer video in Orange County, needs a script.

When it comes to a killer promotional video for your business in Orange County, you will first have to come up with a killer script. If well written and engaging, the script of a sales video in Orange County is considered to be the foundation for a successful explainer video in Orange County and without this foundation, the rest of the process is absolutely pointless. The following are 5 helpful tips when producing a brand or education video in Orange County.

Keep the Script Short

To have an idea of how much long the script should be, think about how you’re using the video. If you are showing the case study video in Orange County to a captive audience in an auditorium, it can be longer, perhaps 5 minutes.

An Internet viewer on the other hand, may only give the video 2 minutes, depending on the content of the material and whether or not the viewer is interested in the service or product you offer.

In the end though, story should ways dictate duration. The video should take as long as the story needs to be told.

Place the Message in the First 30 Seconds

To do this effectively, you will have to reduce the message of the entire sales video in Orange County to one sentence and add that somewhere in the first 30 seconds of the script. This will tell the audience what they are supposed to pay attention to in the promotional video.

Find and Keep the Right Tone

Place a picture of the target customer in your mind. Then reflect on how you want the viewer to feel during and after the video, this will help you hone in on the right tone.

Time the Script

Read the script out loud and time yourself. You’ll find it feels differently when read aloud. As a rule, keep the dialogue in the entire promo, educational, or training video in Orange County between 125 and 150 words in a minute. While it’s easy to speak 200 or more words per minute, the voiceover shouldn’t feel rushed and the edit needs some time to breathe. Your viewers also need to absorb the content of the corporate video in Orange County, especially if it’s a little dense or technical in nature.

Let us write your script! If you need help and advice in how to writea good script for your company or event video in Orange County, don’t hesitate to give us a ring!

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