Good video production requires creating a brief, finalizing the ideas, determining the locations, and choosing the casting members. Hire actors who deliver dialogues naturally and have a good fan following. Whether you want them to endorse your brand or represent your mission, the cast should be capable of helping you achieve your goal, i.e., reaching out to the target audience. Consider the following five things when casting for your video:

1. Don’t Cast From Your Living Room      

Hold out auditions to find the perfect talent. Whether you’re shooting a documentary, a short film, or a commercial, a person with excellent acting skills will help you reach the right target market. Avoid holding auditions in your living room or garage. Rent an empty theatre or an office to let the cast know you mean business!

2. Understand Your Reason for Casting

A-list celebrities, theatre actors, and TV stars all bring something different to the table. If you want to reach the maximum audience, raise the budget and profile of your project by hiring A-list celebrities. While hiring movie stars may be difficult, your video will immediately have financial worth!

On the contrary, theatre actors and TV stars are more approachable and affordable relatively. Reach out to renowned agents to hire your favorite TV actors.

3.   Ask for Self-Tapes from Actors

Los Angeles is full of celebrities and actors. However, their busy schedule might not allow them to come for auditions. Therefore, ask them to submit self-taped auditions if they’re interested. This step is essential to avoid missing out on the right talent for your project.


4. Diversity   

Your video can benefit greatly from the diversity of individuals. Consider your potential cast and hire actors who are different from each other. Diversity will reflect a full story of your brand and is necessary to consider when choosing the cast.

5. Communication

Many actors become nervous during auditions. Therefore, pay keen attention to their communication skills to alleviate their nerves, allowing your vision to come forth. You can also consider an influencer as a casting member for your project. They have a large fan following and a digital presence that allows them to communicate with their audience.

After the casting is done, hire a good video production company to bring your story to life! If you’re in Los Angeles, reach out to us. 336 Productions is a video production company in Los Angeles, CA, producing creative content for brands and businesses. For more details, contact us now!

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