Three Tips For A Terrific Testimonial Video

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“Having great clients is the key to investment success.” – Seth Klarman

Your clients are one of your greatest assets. Without them, your brand wouldn’t be where it is. Every business believes that its marketing strategies are one-of-a-kind.

Every business believes that its concepts are exceptional. But this is exactly the type of thinking that can hamper your success.

But if the idea turns out to be a miss, instead of a hit, it can become costly. And by “costly” we mean losing potential customers!

The truth is, it’s not the ideas that speak to customers. It’s the way we execute them that makes all the difference.

So, how can you drive your brand towards success and drive more traffic to your business?

The answer is simple: testimonial videos.

The Power Of A Good Review

Did you know that recommendations from friends are the most powerful form of marketing?

According to Nielson, 83% of respondents from 60 different companies confessed that they trust the recommendations of friends over advertisements.

So, if you’re planning a new video campaign, the best way to grab you audience’s attention is through testimonial videos. When your viewers see that your existing clients are satisfied, they’ll be more willing to give you a chance. This builds credibility and displays your brand in a positive light.

But how can you create an interactive and engaging testimonial video?

Use Facts And Figures

Knowledge makes your customers wiser. And remember that a well-informed customer will make wise decisions.

Use facts and figures to draw attention to your services. For example, if you’re in the beverage industry, use facts to show that certain types of people are more likely to consume certain beverages.

You can also be open about your production and sales. Let your viewers know that you’ve been able to sell X number of products and your most popular product is ABC.

Then show reviews for that certain product to back up your claims.

Skip The Script

What’s more annoying than a persistent telemarketer? A testimonial video where the clients or customers look like they’re reading off a script instead of speaking from the heart.

It’s good to do a pre-interview with the features customers but when film times comes, let them speak freely.  It’s much more believable than reading a pre-written script, and you’ll get great, surprising moments doing that.

You want to make it more natural so that your viewers find your video to be more believable. Perhaps, you can send your products to YouTube vloggers for reviewing and then include segments from their videos.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

What are the benefits of investing in your services? Your clients want to know. The last thing they need is a stranger in a video telling them to buy something without explaining what it is.

As mentioned earlier, when you educate consumers, they make better decisions.

Last but not least, don’t hire an amateur to direct your videos.  You need someone with the right resources, concepts, and expertise to bring your vision to life.

And that’s where we come in!

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