vBooks (Video Books): How The New eBooks Are A Game Changer

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Digital marketers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to stand out in customer emails. With the prospect being bombarded with hundreds of emails every day, it can get difficult for your business to garner the attention it truly deserves. Traditional marketing tactics such as email, PDFs, and eBooks are presenting diminishing ROIs.

Since videos seem to be such a huge hit with customers, trendsetting marketers are coming up with new ways to incorporate videos into their marketing arsenal. One such recent development to shake up the marketing world a bit is Video Books (vBooks for short).

What Are vBooks?

The concept of a video book may be new, and a little daunting to some. But just like using video in the sales strategy turned out to be a surprising albeit pleasant surprise for marketers, vBooks have the potential to be big as well. Think of vBooks as an advanced upgrade to the traditional eBooks.

With the human attention span mired in a downward spiral, dwindling day by day, less and less prospects are left with the patience to sit through book-length brochures and text-heavy PDFs. But marketers still need to find a way to educate or engage with their target audiences on a specific topic. Enter video books – an interactive and fun way of sharing content and connecting with your customers on a personal level.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using vBooks over eBooks.

You Can Better Measure Customer Response

With an eBook, the customer can download it and that’s that. You don’t know the level of reader’s engagement with the eBook’s content. They downloaded it, but what next? You can’t use downloads to measure how the customer engaged with the content, how far they read it, if they skipped any sections, or if they read it in the first place.

With a vBook, you can track:

  • If they pressed the play button
  • How long they watched it for
  • If they skipped any parts
  • If they watched the whole vBook
  • If they re-watched any parts

You Can Take Direct Action

With the help of video analytics, you can see what the customers watched, how long they watched it for, and what they did with it afterwards. You can automate all this valuable information and use it directly to improve your marketing strategy. With this information, you can start scoring leads easily because you’ll better understand what prospects are interested in.

vBooks Are Way More Engaging

vBooks can help you connect with your audience in a much better way than with eBooks. You can deliver a large amount of content in an engaging and easily digestible manner that fits the viewers’ attention spans. You can measure what resonated with the audience and what fell flat. This can help you improve your overall sales process.

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