Video Marketing: You Know You Have Done It Right When…

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Do you believe producing more content will increase chances of success? Strangely enough, it won’t. Today’s marketers are going the wrong way about this! Targeted online advertising doesn’t mean we should turn into ‘content marketing machines’ and produce lesser quality (but more!) content.

The Initial Context Of Content Marketing Is…

The Initial Context Of Content MarketingMarketers should only focus on creating relevant and educational content that helps their target audience and buyers through the purchase decision process.

In fact, offering your audience pure fluff or material just for the sake of filling one or two pages (often crammed with keywords) is a VERY bad idea.

The same goes for video marketing.

How can marketers make sure their content also includes the marketing aspect? That is easy: by video promotion.

The 80/20 Rule Of Effective Video Marketing: Content Promotion To Production

An important aspect of great content marketing is only 20% of content created with 80% emphasis on its promotion. This means more effort should be spent on the promotion aspect of your video content marketing. Without marketing, content is just content. You will need to add the marketing aspects. Then only will your video content be of any use to your target audience – and ultimately, yourself!

Take help from the following advice by professional marketers who added video content to their campaign and succeeded immensely.

Use Different Platforms For Different Types Of Videos

Using only one platform for various video types won’t help much. To increase customer retention and help with customer purchase decision, you’ll need to create different videos for a number of platforms. Social media platforms, for instance, aren’t good for long-form webinars; therefore, find another platform that is the best spot.

The Right Positioning Of Your Video Means Higher ROI

CTAs – AKA call-to-action – are VERY important. A good CTA at the end of your video will not only compel your viewers to see more of the website, but also to take the desired action. This being said: do NOT create and distribute videos that simply and only say, “Hey, check this out!” To make sure viewers click on the link, connect your video to the real problem your viewer is facing (which the video is about).

Implement Video Marketing IntegrationImplement Video Marketing Integration

Video integration is critical. You can find out individual lead viewing behavior and much more by implementing this into your video marketing platform.

See who watches your videos, when and where! Such valuable information will let you build your marketing strategy around viewers’ tastes and likes.

Creating high quality video is important for a good marketing strategy. However, the quality of video will get lost if it’s not made for the right platform OR if it’s the wrong video type. Alone, it’s quite possible for you to make this mistake. Hire professional services of 336 Productions, a top Orange County video vendor that offers every service in video making. See our work first!