Technology is constantly changing the world. The same applies to the world of business and marketing. In fact, today’s technological advancements have changed the entire face of how we conduct business.

In this technologically-advanced world, animation has proven itself to be an effective tool for marketing and advertising. This communication medium has characteristics that no other form of marketing method can replicate.

This article will tell you more about 3D animation and its types for corporate marketing video production.

What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is a method that utilizes digital objects by making them come to life. This means that the animation creates an illusion that a computer-generated object is shifting across three-dimensional space.

Though they appear on a 2D screen, these digital objects give the impression of using three-dimensional principles. As a result, they seem to be moving, rotating, or turning with a 360-degree view that makes them look realistic.

Here are the types of 3D animation.

3D Films and Videos

3D films and videos are the most common type of 3D animation. It’s most commonly known as digital 3D or CGI. Originally, 3D animation was limited to filmmaking and television. However, 3D animation has permeated everything, especially corporate marketing trends.

Digital 3D uses motion graphics to move images three-dimensionally within a digital realm. This makes it different from other types of 3D. That’s because we use it purely for visual purposes with no interaction required from the audience.

Virtual Reality 3D

This type of 3D animation has changed the world and opened many doors. It consists of a purely digital realm that the audience can explore for an immersive experience. However, you need special devices like VR headsets to immerse yourself in this digital space.

Interactive 3D

Like virtual reality, we use this type of 3D animation to generate a purely digital realm. Its purpose is also to provide an interactive experience for its audience. You can navigate through this digital landscape through computer screens, mouse, keyboards, etc. This type of 3D animation is commonly found in video games.

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