Video Releases And Why They’re Important

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Imagine creating a video campaign for a new product, only for a potential customer to contact your company asking if they can still place an order—months after that product has been discontinued!

While it may seem like the client is clueless, so many businesses make the mistake of not updating their social media, informing clients that they have other services they offer.

Imagine going to a shoe shop to buy a pair of sneakers you saw on sale 3 months earlier, only to be sold they’re no longer available. Then you see the ad placement still on the window.

Your first question: Why is the ad still there if you’re not offering it?

Your second question: Do you have anything similar to the product I wanted?

There’s nothing more frustrating than these scenarios. So when your clients expect to hear back from you, give them what they want.

The Important Of Video Releases

Has anyone every asked you “Did you see that commercial on TV where…” and you said “No” because you hadn’t?

Chances are, you’re one of the millions who don’t watch traditional TV.

With more than 78% of adults shifting their focus to watching and downloading online videos, the chances of everyone watching the same ad are slim.

So, what’s the best way to balance everything and reach out to a wider audience? It’s simple: video releases.

How can online video campaigns help your brand?

Connecting With Your Audience

One of the ways online video campaigns can help your brand is by making sure it connects with its target audience. The most successful campaigns are shared one, where the viewer sends a link to the video to friends, family, or collegues.

But why? It’s probably because the script was written with the target audience in mind.  It considered their pain points, what they want, and how they see the world.


Your brand needs all the exposure it can get. And the best way to achieve exposure is through online video campaigns.

Not everyone keeps up with the latest products in the market. Not everyone watches TV. But pretty much everyone does go online, on streaming websites like Vimeo and YouTube.

And that’s where you can reach out to hundreds, thousands, or millions of potential customers.

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