Viral Video Lessons We Can Learn From YouTube Stars

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YouTube may easily be the best place to kill time—but with young talent using it as a personal stage for creative innovation, it’s now the de facto runway for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Sure, you have your fair share of silly videos featuring cute kitty cats making your day, but behind the seemingly arbitrary antics lies a number that’s worth millions!

At first, it may seem like a random and short-lived explosion of Internet fame. But when the numbers come rolling back—double and triple the original figure—you’ll realize why YouTube stars make the perfect spokespeople for international brands.

Mastering the Art of Communication

There’s a reason why some of the most popular YouTube celebrities of 2017 are currently making millions.

Besides being super-relatable and sharing our quirky hobbies, they speak to us in a language that we speak and understand.

Whether their interest lies in makeup and beauty, slapstick comedy or video games, we subscribe to our favorite channels on a whim because:

  1. All videos are free.
  2. They’re wildly engaging.
  3. They come up with new and innovative ways to entertain us.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who’s struggling with his or marketing campaign, take a page out of a popular YouTuber’s book and get inspired!

Building Brand Recognition through Social Media

Think of some of the biggest Internet sensations of the past decade and try to identify what they all have in common (besides viral videos and a massive following).

It won’t be long before you realize that they’ve all managed to build a recognizable identity through videos.

Suppose your corporate marketing video could reach over 50 million people.

What good would it be if it didn’t showcase your product in a unique light?

The greatest ad campaigns are the ones that associate products with a distinct and authentic personality (not unlike a quirky YouTuber).

You can accomplish this by attempting any of the following:

  • Incorporating humor (likeStarburst does in most of its commercials, including the Tiny Jet promo)
  • Adding an empowering message (as Dovedid online with its Real Beauty Campaign  in 2013)
  • Creating a compelling story (with game-potential, similar to Chipotle’s Food With Integrity online campaign)

“Don’t Forget to Share and Subscribe!”

Great YouTube videos don’t always ask that you share and subscribe; but when they do, many viewers are likely to oblige.

This is the result of personalized video content that—despite featuring products that may or may not be sponsored—creates an element of trust and loyalty that is more powerful than any sales pitch.

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