Increasing the email click-through rate by 300% and driving revenue 49% faster, videos have become the leading tool for marketers today. More and more businesses and companies are tapping into the wellspring of potential that video marketing has to offer.

Continue reading to learn more about ways video marketing can generate leads and boost sales.

Videos Help With Brand Recognition and Recall

Videos inform the audience what your brand stands for, the services it offers, and the story behind the formation of the brand. They help build a positivebrand perception and serve as a medium to convey your brand’s message.

Effective brand videos have an emotional tone,impacting the consumers and helping them remember your brand. As a result, it increases brand recall, and potential customers turn towards your brand when they need something you offer.

It Helps Capture More Leads

Video marketing increases reach and engagement. You’ll have more traffic on the company’s website that you can use to gather customer contact information to send promotional emails and messages.

You can then store and categorize that information on a central database. It was all manual work earlier, but thanks to marketing automation, it has become much easier and can be completed in a flash.

It Helps Qualify Leads

Video helps engage leads and potential customers. You can then qualify these leads with marketing automation determining how “sale-ready” they are. Automation software will check how often the potential customer has visited your website, how many items they have viewed, and what content they downloaded.

By combining the efficacy of both video and automation, you can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Hire a Professional Video Production Company

A professional video production service can help you develop a storyboard and storyline based on your vision and ideas. They are also equipped with the right tools, editing software, and resources to create engaging video content.

In addition, they will be able to create high-quality footage, images, and product descriptions that will help your viewers see your brand in a new light.

If you’re ready to shoot a video for your company, get in touch with Orange County’s leading video production company, 336 Productions. We are an award-winning company helping people create professional and commercial video content.

We help businesses reach out to a wider audience and tackle the challenges of video marketing. Whether it’sevent promotions, corporate videos, trade shows, or scriptwriting, we offer everything under one roof.

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