We Won A 2016 Telly!

By April 19, 2016No Comments

The year started off amazing for us at 336 Productions, and it’s getting better and better. One of our personal favorite video projects we did for Intense Lighting landed us a 2016 Telly Award! We put all our talent and resources into the Intense Lighting project, and working with the team at Intense Lighting was an amazing experience. Check out our award winning video here.

How Did We Do It?We Won A 2016 Telly

Again, with corporate brand videos, the idea needs to be simple. While some companies are tempted to showcase absolutely everything in their corporate videos at times makes it come off as chaotic and confusing. We don’t believe in that strategy, so we worked hard in pre-production to come up with a creative concept and a tight script. We kept it “simple” and significantly relatable for the audience members.

What Does The Video Include?

For starters, we would like to congratulate Intense Lighting for building an outstanding facility that was a joy to film. The video focused on three things – the facility, the people. and the brand’s ability to exceptionally execute their core offerings (which you can clearly see in the video).

What Does The Video IncludeThe video shows Intense Lighting in action where employees are busy in creating high quality and energy efficient lights in the facility. It also gives a clean vibe of their organizational culture which comes off as not too corporate and highly innovative.

Some might think filming a factory line might make for boring shots, but when you are working with clients like Intense Lighting, they gave us the creative freedom to do unique things, like fly over their lines with a drone.

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary goals was to showcase their Anaheim facility. One thing we found really interesting about it was, not surprising, their lighting. It features the perfect blend of bright and ambient lighting, and high quality wallpapers that really pop. Employees can be seen think-tanking their way through projects and manufacturing lights which really deserve attention.

We finished off the video using motion graphics to showcase many of Intense Lighting’s projects and as you can see, our client, and most importantly, their customers, loved it!

This is what we believe helped us nail the 2016 Telly Award! The core purpose of corporate videos is simple execution to showcase what truly matters for the audience. Check out the video and stay connected with us to learn more about our previous projects and other achievements that genuinely keep us excited for more!