A business idea only looks promising if it offers something that’s not already there in the market. For instance, if you create yet another hair product which isn’t much different from other products, why should anyone buy it?

General customer expectations

In order to excel like a businessman, you need to think like a customer.

Imagine going into the department store one day. You have limited cash in your purse and you’re short on time. You go to the departments where the product you’re looking for is usually stacked. But you see a new product on the shelf in its place.

How will you react to it? Will you stroll past it or pause to pick it off the shelf?

Will you pay attention to the bottle design or go straight to the ingredient list printed at the back?

Would you look for any numbers to catch your attention e.g. kills 99.99% germs in 60 seconds? In order to pitch your products to your intended buyers, you need to put yourself in their shoes first.

What’s a buyer persona

Also known as marketing persona, this is a fictional portrayal of an ideal customer that represents the generalized expectations from your product.

It’s important to remember that this is an idealist approach to marketing and it crafts a flawless image of a perfect potential buyer. It may not exactly map on real human buyers, who may differ from this reference description you have in mind.

Buyer personas can help your business with marketing, products, sales, and services. By internalizing the ideal idea of prospective customers, businesses can better align their motivations with their target market.

It’s critical to have a buyer persona for driving content creation, following up on sales, developing product range and retaining customers, ultimately.

How to create buyer personas

Here are some easy ways of creating buyer personas.

  1. Identify trends in your customer database and see if a majority of your most loyal customers fall under the same category. Study how these customers use your content.
  2. Create online forms for your website. Make sure your form fields target crucial aspects of their persona traits.
  3. Your sales team interacts with customers much more than the top management. Ask for their feedback on what they feel are the things most liked/disliked by the buyers. The sales team can bring in some lasting leads.
  4. Get customer feedback on your newest products. Introduce an anonymous comments section where consumers can drop in honest reviews without any reservations.

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